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In order for you to be able to run the inflatable at your venue safely, we ask that you read, answer and follow the below health and safety checklist. This ensures the safety of MR M staff and those using the inflatables at all times.

  • Do you have sufficient space for the inflatable (Width-Length-Overhead obstructions)?

  • Is your venue safe and clean - free from waste and debris and secure?

  • Do you have suitable access to get the inflatable to the set up area. (even rolled some castles have a width of 1m)?

  • Is the access clear or can be cleared prior to delivery?

  • Are pets secured away from the inflatable?

  • Do you have permission to erect an inflatable at your venue. (Communal & Public Area Gardens)? Some Councils/Associations have certain rules about what activities are permitted on communal land. (once the inflatable is erected and secure then full payment stands)

  • Inside your venue do you have the necessary space (Length-Width-Height)? Also bear in mind that electric blowers operate at over 90 decibels, so will be noisy in small and confined areas.

  • Do you have someone over 18 who can supervise the inflatable at all times?

  • Are there any hazadous obstructions that can prevent your event going ahead?

  • Is the inflatable you have chosen suitable for the purpose you have hired it. (Available Space / Number of people it can accomodate / Age restrictions)?

  • Is the electrical supply sockets secure and sufficient? (Must be supllied from a wall mounted socket and nothing else plugged into our leads.)

  • Is there a planned route for our extension leads, so as they don't get frayed, stuck or damaged as this becomes a saftey risk?

If you are unsure about anything listed above, please ask us. We will help you to ensure your event runs smoothly and safely.


We reserve the right to cancel the booking if there is anything we feel will endanger us during delivery, setting up or collection of the inflatable or that could endanger the users of the inflatables.


Remember, if you are unsure about anything when your inflatable is set up, ask us. Even if you want us to repeat or go over anything. A good event is a safe event!

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